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Virtual Reality Therapy: Treating The Global Mental Health Crisis

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On top of providing the latest VR technology, we provide a turn key solution that includes system hardware, installation, technical support, maintenance and delivery program all taken care of by our professional and friendly team.
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Our Testimonial

Richard P Groves
Executive Director, North Kansas City (Missouri) Business Council

Marco Stanich has endured many setbacks but continues to explore a variety of possibilities. Now, it seems, the doors are beginning to open for the fulfillment of his dreams. He sees the benefits it offers in physical therapy, physical fitness, mental awareness and healing, education and entertainment. He is leading Omnilife VR into multiple dimensions of the VR industry – application development, rig construction, installation and support and customer fulfillment. I am honored to be among those supporting Marco’s mission to fulfill the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Jen Hewitt
Executive Director, Chandler Education Foundation

The prospect of using VR in the classroom is so exciting. It provides an opportunity to engage and stimulate students in ways that were never possible before and, for many of the students, it will enable them to explore places and see things that they may never have the opportunity to experience for themselves in the real world; from looking round the wonders of the world to handling parts of the body. I am certain that with Omnilife, VR experiences will have a huge impact on our school district by allowing our community to financially support our public school system.

Jabari Washington
Fitness Trainer

I was introduced to VR about 5 years ago because I was having trouble falling asleep. VR allowed me to lock in to a world that made me relax and dose off night after night with no problem! In 2021 I was introduced to OmniLife. Marco and I talked and from that point we began a journey to make history! I am excited about what our further holds with the collaboration of OmniLife VR and fitness!!!

Professor Leon R. Probasco, LSCSW, LCSW, SAP-DOT
Director of Mental Health & Wellness, & OmniLife VR Advisory Board

As an experienced Psychotherapist & OmniLife VR Director of Mental Health & Wellness, I’ve used Virtual Reality (VR) to treat  anxiety, depression, pain, phobias, trauma, & substance abuse, with very good results. Research confirms the efficacy of VR for PTSD,  pain management, treatment of mental disorders, dementia, & substance abuse. VR is highly effective for teaching mindfulness meditation, stress reduction, self-regulation, & resilience. OmniLife VR & Augmented Reality (AR) hardware and software are excellent tools for training medical, surgical, nurse, PT, psychology & social work students, and for teaching best practices of mental health & wellness to professionals.

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