Virtual Reality in Hospice Care

Introducing “The List”

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We are a leading provider of virtual reality experiences

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We specialize in creating immersive and therapeutic VR content

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Omnilife VR is committed to improving the quality of life for hospice patients.

You shouldn't die in pain or die alone, make the most of every moment

  • VR can be done as a group allowing Caregivers to interact with more than one patient at a time.
  • Virtual Reality provides an escape from the hospital bed; allowing patients and loved ones to create new memories in their final days.
  • VR can offer not only escape but also rehabilitation with supporting data for palliative care.


  • “The List” is a collection of guided virtual reality experiences designed specifically for hospice patients.
  • These carefully curated experiences cater to a variety of interests and preferences.
  • Each experience is accompanied by a trained VR guide to ensure comfort and safety
OmniLife VR TEAM

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Marco Stanich

CEO / Founder

Blake Stanich

Executive Director of Technology & Development

Jarred Stanich

Senior Sales Executive

Preston Stanich

Entertainment & VR Sales Rep

John E Avocado

Director of Sales


  • Reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Provides a sense of adventure and new experiences
  • Eases physical and emotional pain
  • Offers  an avenue for reminiscing and creating lasting memories


A consultation with one of our VR Specialists determines a patient’s preferences and needs.

 A VR Guide curates a personalized VR Experience Tour for each patient.

A VR Guide then travels to the patient and sets up all equipment as scheduled.

Then, skilled and compassionate VR Staff guide patients through their personal tour.

Your Partners in Location-Based VR


  • Flexible pricing options to suit the needs of your facility and your patients.
  • Detailed packages tailored for both individual patients and group sessions

Financing available

  • You own the equipment and your staff become trained VR guides
  • You lease the equipment and our trained guides come and curate the VR experiences
  • Our trained VR guides bring our equipment with them and curate the VR experiences

Which option is right for your organization!

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