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Interactive Learning

Create, learn, and collaborate with immersive technology.

Interactive Learning

The Exercise Might Be Virtual, But the Sweat Is Real

OmniLife VR is changing the way people create, learn, and collaborate with immersive technology.

"Under the leadership of Marco Stanich, the OmniLife VR team played a significant role to educate key personnel to learn how to use the VR headsets, while simultaneously meeting with VR Developers nationwide and internationally to inquire about immersive career exploration content. FLON is humbly grateful for Marco Stanich and the OmniLife VR team.

It is my hope that OmniLife VR continues to expand the educational – virtual reality in other school districts locally, nationwide and in international countries. Thank you Mr. Stanich for believing in my dreams and supporting the mission of Future Leaders Outreach Network YouLEAD Program."
Dr. Diana E. Clemons
Visionary & Motivator
Comments from Students:

"Wow! this is amazing to see the VR career pathways in this headset."

"Can I keep the headset on longer, this is awesome? "

"I don’t want to go to lunch. Can I please stay in this class? "

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