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Explore VR Fitness: Reimagining Fitness with Omnilife’’s Immersive Solutions.

Interactive Fitness

The Exercise Might Be Virtual, But the Sweat Is Real

Find out what the workouts are like, how effective they are, and how I feel about the overall program offered in our latest OmniLife VR fitness.

"I was introduced to VR about 5 years ago because I was having trouble falling asleep. VR allowed me to lock in to a world that made me relax and dose off night after night with no problem! In 2021 I was introduced to OmniLife. Marco and I talked and from that point we began a journey to make history! I am excited about what our further holds with the collaboration of OmniLife VR and fitness!!!"
Jabari Washington

"I don’t want to go to lunch. Can I please stay in this class? "

"Can I keep the headset on longer, this is awesome? "

Comments from Students:

"Wow! this is amazing to see the VR career pathways in this headset."

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