Entertainment & VR Sales Rep

Preston Stanich


Preston Stanich is a talented Entertainment and VR Sales Rep at OmniLife VR, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) company that revolutionizes the way people experience gaming and entertainment. With a deep passion for VR gaming and a profound appreciation for esports, Preston brings his expertise and enthusiasm to create unforgettable experiences for users.

Driven by his love for gaming, Preston has always been immersed in the world of interactive entertainment. From a young age, he recognized the power of virtual reality as a transformative medium that could transport players to new dimensions and provide unparalleled gaming experiences. His extensive knowledge of the gaming industry, coupled with his expertise in VR technology, makes him an invaluable asset to the OmniLife VR team.

Preston is responsible for curating and coordinating immersive gaming experiences for OmniLife VR’s clients and partners. He combines his passion for gaming with his exceptional organizational skills to ensure that each event and engagement is executed flawlessly. His ability to understand the needs and preferences of gamers allows him to tailor experiences that captivate and thrill players.

Preston’s deep-rooted passion for esports further enhances his role at OmniLife VR. He understands the intricacies of competitive gaming and leverages his expertise to incorporate esports elements into the company’s offerings. His ability to blend the worlds of VR and esports creates a unique and exciting fusion that appeals to both casual and professional gamers alike.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Preston actively engages with the gaming community, attending events, and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. He takes great joy in exploring new games, platforms, and technologies, always seeking innovative ways to enhance the gaming experience for others.

Preston’s unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm make him a respected figure in the gaming industry. His ability to connect with gamers and understand their desires enables him to contribute to the growth and success of OmniLife VR. By bringing together his passion for gaming and his expertise in VR technology, Preston continues to shape the future of entertainment and gaming experiences.

With Preston Stanich on the OmniLife VR team, the company is well-positioned to deliver immersive and unforgettable gaming experiences to users worldwide. His deep love for VR gaming, esports, and all things gaming fuels his commitment to pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking experiences that leave a lasting impression on players.