Executive Director of Technology & Development

Blake Stanich


Blake is the Executive Director of Technology & Development of OmniLife VR, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) company at the forefront of technological advancements. With a background in IT and electronic repair since 2013, Blake’s passion for technology and innate curiosity have been driving forces in his career.

From an early age, Blake displayed a natural affinity for all things tech-related. His insatiable curiosity and eagerness to explore the possibilities of emerging technologies set him on a path to excel in the IT field. Since 2013, Blake has honed his skills in IT and electronic repair, gaining invaluable experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex technological challenges.

Joining the OmniLife VR team in a key leadership role, Blake brings his extensive technical expertise and strategic vision to drive the company’s development efforts. His deep understanding of IT systems and electronic repair, coupled with his relentless pursuit of innovation, enables him to guide the team in creating cutting-edge VR experiences that captivate users.

As the CTO, Blake plays a pivotal role in leading the way with new developments at OmniLife VR. He oversees the design and implementation of innovative solutions, ensuring the seamless integration of hardware and software components. Blake’s ability to envision and execute forward-thinking strategies positions OmniLife VR as a leader in the rapidly evolving VR industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Blake remains deeply passionate about inspiring the next generation of technologists. He actively engages in mentorship programs and workshops, guiding aspiring IT professionals to unlock their potential and contribute to the ever-changing tech landscape.

With Blake Stanich spearheading the development efforts at OmniLife VR, the company continues to push the envelope in creating immersive and groundbreaking VR experiences. His expertise in technology and unwavering dedication to innovation make him a vital asset, driving the company’s success and positioning it as a leading force in the VR industry.