Chief Operating Officer

Michael Jiang

Michael Jiang started his career in sports industry by joining National Paralympic Committee of China in 2005, as the liaison of the committee to various international wheelchair sports federations. He was hired by the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) as an advisor during the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. After 2008, he started getting involve in organizing various levels national and international sports events for people with disabilities.


He joined Viva China Sports, one of the renowned sports companies in China by then and organized three BWF’s (Badminton World Federation) major events in China from 2011 to 2013 as the Event Director. During his one year of service for Infront China, he helped to organized two national team level basketball events for women’s basketball in China. After that he was recruited by the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee in late 2017 as one of the earliest and key members of the LOC in daily communication with FIBA and basketball national federation until the conclusion of the event.

He joined World Vision Sports & Entertainment as a consultant after the World Cup and was officially appointed as Chief Operating Officer by company’s founder and CEO Daimon Beathea. Mr. Jiang helped the company in overall plans of the future businesses in the past two years such as basketball, esports and concerts.