Multilingual Entrepreneur

Fardin Ismail Moosa Al Janahi

Farid is an advisor and sponsor for numerous national and global companies such as Thrivemax, Global Connections, Baviko and, Omniverse UAE. He has worked with industry giants in the Gulf such as ENOC, Shell, DU & Al Futtaim. Along with his own ventures, he has successfully helped start up and partnered with growing businesses, skillfully establishing multicultural teams with a collaborative leadership style. Having graduated in Europe as a Chemical Engineer once upon a student’s time, he is a firm believer that one is never just limited to and that in this world we now move in, everyone has the capacity to be the fullness of a true renaissance man/woman.


Fardin Ismail Moosa Al Janahi, also known as Farid 

is a multilingual Entrepreneur and Senior Business Professional with 20+ reputable years in Business Development, Operations Strategies, Management, Sales and Marketing across the Middle East. With experience spanning across various industries such as oil & gas, telecommunications, banking, F&B and automative, he carries on with a propensity for growth and progress by now delving into the future of tech.

Proudly representing his home, Dubai – UAE, Farid never discounts the value of continuous learning and self improvement, “Everything can be learnt and achievements should never end. Always look for the opportunity to improve yourself and others. Your life should make a good and lasting impact to encourage, inspire and uplift everyone.”