Vision Motivator

Dr. Diana E. Clemons

"Under the leadership of Marco Stanich, the OmniLife VR team played a significant role to educate key personnel to learn how to use the VR headsets, while simultaneously meeting with VR Developers nationwide and internationally to inquire about immersive career exploration content. "


Dr. Diana E. Clemons Commonly known as a “Vision Motivator”, Dr. Diana E. Clemons, founded Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON) in 1996 that was incorporated in 1999.  The nonprofit organization headquarters is located in Kansas City, MO and two Regional offices in Kansas City KS and Arlington TX.

Dr. Clemons is a highly motivated and results-oriented Executive Director and Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience serving in the roles of supervisor, consultant, leadership, and team building.  Her leadership and training style focus is on striving to accomplish and exceed organizational, programmatic, professional and personal goals.

Expertise includes providing guidance, leadership, mentorship and training to staff and entrepreneurs functioning in roles to include program coordinators, facilitators, educators, independent contractors and volunteers, who are C.A.R.E. Willing Workers. C.A.R.E. is an acronym for committed, accountable, respectful and enthusiastic.

Dr. Clemons, co-author of the Pursuing MY Dreams curriculums, students learn skills to motivate them to set behavioral boundaries from drugs, alcohol, violence/bullying, tobacco and prevention from teen pregnancy. Additionally, students are taught career planning exploration for the purpose of discovering their occupation/job career path.

During 2006 – 2009, FLON was awarded a $4-million-dollar contract to provide parent and caring adults’ education workshops and community events in targeted communities of eight (8) States.  The program was developed to equip parents to talk to their teen early often and consistently about setting behavioral boundaries from drugs, alcohol, violence/bullying, tobacco and prevention from teen pregnancy.

Under the leadership of Dr. Clemons, FLON has provided various youth and family development curricula education and other activities to over 375,000 teens, young adults and adults associated with schools, community and faith based organizations and churches.

To date Future Leaders Outreach Network has been awarded thirteen million five hundred thousand ($13,500,000).

PUBLICATIONS:  American Journal of Health Studies, Published Manuscript Volume 26/Number 1/2011, 45-56:  Authors:  Diana E. Clemons, Wetta-Hall, RN, PhD, MPH, MSN, Jacobson LT, MPA, MA, Chesser A, PhD, Moss A, MS (2011). Article: Pursue Your Dreams Initiative – Does one size fit all: Culturally appropriate teen curriculum for risk behaviors.