OmniLife VR
Since pioneering the first tank simulator in the 1980s for U.S. Army’s Combat Training Centers, and as The Secretariat, International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) for Information Technology for Learning, Education, and Training, I find teaming with OmniLifeVR, a leading Virtual Reality testbed in Mental Health runs “Disciples of Gaming” (7,500+ players worldwide) and community outreach utilizing proprietary protocols to be optimal and a world leader.
There are several opportunities for mutual interest. Specifically, Resilient Warrior (combating stress, suicide, deployments, loneliness, and PTSD) and Warfighter Readiness (such as training; reduce range and qualification times, increased proficiency, and less ordnance – actual cost savings).
Teaming together our initiatives are making a difference:
ExtremeVets – Freeing Disabled Patriots

Kick-Off – DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Kansas State Convention over 40 Veterans served, resulting in the Iowa VA acquiring a VR Kit (reported with impressive results). A breakthrough initiative allows Disabled Patriots who cannot participate physically to reclaim life, fulfilling a dream or passion through the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) (such as riding a Roller-Coaster, Scuba Diving or Climbing Mt. Everest).
ExtremeKids – Freeing Disabled Youth – New Adventures.  
A breakthrough initiative is allowing our Patriot Kids and Disabled Kids who are unable to participate physically the ability to experience life, fulfilling a dream or passion through the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) (such as riding a Roller-Coaster, Scuba Diving or Parachuting).
Our Coping Strategies now include your BraveMind (an interactive, immersive virtual reality system, utilizing exposure therapy, the most effective evidence-based approach for PTSD), and STRIVE under Battlefield Conditions (gaining experience in simulations) which are effective tools to engage the user.
In this video report, we demonstrate how we can address battlefield PTSD through Exposure Therapy, as well as identifying and resolving potential threats before the point of impact: VIRTUAL REALITY THERAPY: Bravemind and STRIVE
I am proud to serve on your Advisory Board with Dr. Skip Rizzo. OmniLifeVR Advisory Board – OmniLifeVR  

Patriot Outreach – BRAVEMIND Clinical Virtual Reality Tools to Advance the Prevention, Assessment, and Treatment of PTSD
Operation Hero – this new program honors Military Families (Caregivers, Spouses, and Kids). Once a month, a day is set aside for VR experiences provided and paid for by local community business sponsors and benefactors.
 By combining VR with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create a virtual reunion experience, this severely depressed mother found the relief she needed to resume everyday life: Mother meets her deceased daughter through VR technology Marco, together we will Pioneer the Future!