Executive Coordinator of Sales & Marketing - Pacific Region

Allison Masters


Allison Masters has been impacting the lives of millions since her days as a cover model for numerous fitness magazines in the mid-1990s. She was also a model for several prominent cosmetics companies, ran her own cosmetology business, attended college while perusing a rigorous workout routine, and studied nutritional health and fitness. Since becoming a wife and mother her focus has been on her family. Looking at the challenging and often confusing educational system Allison decided to become a homeschool mom with all its demands. Not only did she succeed, but she was also an expert. She made sure her two boys were socially involved with various activities and groups, Karate, soccer, piano, and tennis, and from Jr High and High school for our oldest son in Private Christian School where she was in charge of fundraising. Today, Allison is speaking about her deeply held Christian faith on our podcast and as a guest on national media.